A ripping yarn more incredible than fiction

Just think, those who care deeply for you probably stood patiently in a queue at Christmas to buy you a book token, having decided that only you know what sort of book you would not only like to read, but also to keep as a valued present.  So, what is it to be?

Well, there’s almost certain to be the most recent Jack Reacher to be released as a paperback – maybe even a later one if your tokens will run to a hard back. Only one thing is predictable about Jack;  he will succeed and survive, having put several men into the mortuary or intensive care.

Or, have we reached the point where the Shades of Grey have reached ‘Black’ and all the participants are utterly exhausted?

Or, top of the tree, any of the books written by Kazuo Ishiguru, Nobel Prize winner (to whom, warm congratulations from a fellow UEA graduate).

A country with the richest history in post-biblical times

Perhaps though, to give fiction a break yet not deny yourself a ripping yarn, you might opt for the tale of a country with the richest history in post-biblical times.

Not a text book with footnotes, but a straightforward story of how a small island kingdom in the North Atlantic, about the size of Oregon, USA, became and remained the most influential power in the world for 200 years, with an empire covering a quarter of the earth’s land surface (and as much of its oceans as it chose).

Worth a read do you think?  You might like to look at the reviews from readers to date on this site. I think that you would enjoy it and hopefully learn what they didn’t teach you at school.

A Happy New Year to all.

Check out where you can buy There Was a Time.

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