Half-term Break

I had plans to be in Vienna following my last post, part research but mainly holiday.  Instead my wife and I were sabotaged by ‘The Beast from the East’ and were unable to get to Heathrow where the flight was to be cancelled in any case.  Much displeased with this turn of events I turned my attention to the state of  business with my publisher.

My mood was not lifted by the discovery that after 17 promotional blogs for my book, There Was a Time, the residual stock of copies had remained undisturbed by all attempts to persuade my audience that the book was worth buying.  

Following a phase of disenchantment with the whole enterprise I have decided that I shall finish what I have started, if only because I have nothing better with which to occupy my time – well, not quite nothing.

I have written the first two chapters of one further opus.  It is of an entirely different genre, conceived as light relief from my previous venture into the literary world.  The book will describe my own experiences and miniscule contribution to the success of The West in what has been termed The Cold War.  The imposition of a militarised lifestyle on young men whose inescapable destiny was to have attained the age of eighteen seemed, at the time, to be an unwarranted intrusion into a privacy and freedom for which yet another war had been fought and won.  It didn’t seem right at the time.  I’m not too sure about it now.


Enough of that, the next book may happen it may not.  In the meantime I’m returning to complete the main events of 1916 – unless you have had enough.  Please feel free to let me know whether this is the case because there is quite a way to go yet.









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