See what readers of There Was a Time had to say about Barry Egerton’s history of Great Britain’s place in the world between 1707 and 1997.

Praise for There Was a Time

“An excellent overview of Britain’s major role in modern international relations. Scholarly yet readable, the book is warmly recommended to all those who seek an accurate and highly accessible account of this important subject.”
Emeritus Professor Anthony Kemp-Welch, University of East Anglia

“A fascinating and very readable account of modern international history…an impressive volume.”
Professor Katy Cubitt, Head of the School of History, University of East Anglia

“A totally readable book which brings to life some of the most important events in our history. Also fully recommend it as teaching aid for those who want to study the subject in detail.”
Kay Corbett

“How refreshing to find an author not only willing to recognise the faults, failing and even misdeeds in Great Britain’s past, but is equally ready to celebrate our nations achievements, merits, probity, integrity and dignity. In our modern age of self-loathing and remonstration, where patriotism is often seen as a character flaw, “There was a Time” is a tonic indeed. The author shows an even-handedness, and where opinion is offered it is fair and considered “There was a Time” is a must for history enthusiasts and general readers alike.”
pablo on Foyles website

“An excellent book, a very good read and introduction to the subject. I agree with professorial endorsement on the back cover.”
Chris Barnard

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